Job opportunity and Internship


By using a network of shops, concerts, artisanal repair and restoration laboratories, anyone who wants would be able to apply the Academy’s teachings to workplaces throughout Europe.

The practitioner can be free or paid, depending on the company that will give availability.

At the end of each course, individual meetings will be scheduled with representatives of piano companies interested in having trained student to introduce in the work.

 The introduction into the work environment can be by two types:

Summer training (between June to September).

The internships at the end of the course is focus to employed the students at some companies or consolidating the skills acquired in order to open their own business.

Our academy will also give the opportunity to be trained for all the production cycles of pianist-making factories so you can take part in factory-related talks.

 Visiting the Piano Factory

During year, lots of visits will be organized at the major European and overseas factories. Travel will be an optional and there will not be a break in the normal lesson hours.

Europiano  and  others national associations

At the end of the full training course, all students will be trained and ready to face national and European exams with the best result overcoming.

 Course aim

The main objective of the Tech Academy is to train professional tuning technicians for immediate entry into the workplace.

The courses within their program are designed to guarantee maximum results for each candidate.

By attend the entire training course the student have a full knowledge of the subject and be prepared for the various demands of the market.

Get into the workplace will be ‚Äúvirtually‚ÄĚ spontaneous, as the industry is looking for high-quality skilled technicians.

Summer working experiences that our school proposes should not be understimate, as it will give the practice to work in a real music contest.

However, even the single tuning course is an important tool to start earning immediately and enter the workplace.