La scuola

SCUOLA4L’accademia di alta formazione per tecnici accordatori di pianoforti, nasce dalla mutazione del mercato del lavoro, ormai volto a premiare le grandi competenze e professionalità a svantaggio dell’improvvisazione che ha caratterizzato gli anni passati.
La sede principale è in Romania nel cuore dell’Europa, nella città di Constanta sul mar Nero. Dal 2017 in seguito alle numerose richieste dal sud Europa è attiva la collaborazione con il conservatorio “Johann Strauss School of Music” di Malta per la preparazione dei candidati. 


 The School

 Mission Statement – The Johann Strauss School of Music Malta strives to help each student achieve the highest potential in playing proficiency, performance, creativity, and musicianship through a number of stimulating, effective and individualized music programmes and distinctive opportunities.

Established in 1975, the Johann Strauss School of Music – originally situated in Old Bakery Street in Valletta, has been the one of the most effective governmental schools in the music performance and artistic field. Over the years thousands of students have attended music lessons at the school and many of them furthered their studies both locally and abroad.

The Johann Strauss School of Music is now situated in the newly refurbished centralised premises in Hamrun and forms part of the Visual and Performing Arts Schools under the Directorate  for Research, Lifelong Learning and Innovation. The School of Music engages of Malta’s top musicians and pedagogues who constantly strive to help each students achieve their highest potential in music appreciation, music knowledge and understanding, composition, performance and musicianship through exciting and effective music programmes and opportunities.

Furthermore the school endeavours to invite various foreign tutors to provide master classes and workshops for students and teachers in which new approaches and methodologies are experienced and explored. The main objective of the school is to prepare students for careers as creative musicians and performers who can successfully contribute to the further development and evolution of the musical heritage.

The School of Music offers forty-one different courses, which cater for the young learner and for the advanced student. Students at the school attend a weekly individual performance lesson on the instrument of their choice as well as a group music knowledge and understanding lesson. Our youngest students start their musical training through specially designed courses in Music and Movement, which provide a solid foundation for the years to come.

The school caters for the study of practically all the orchestral instruments as well as bagpipe, accordion, saxophone, contemporary guitar, contemporary voice, bass guitar, pianoforte and classical voice. In addition to the study of the traditional concert repertoire, students are encouraged to work on various styles including contemporary and jazz, and to endorse works by local composers.

Students at the School of Music benefit from unique opportunities in which they can perform varied repertoire in chamber setting and also form part of the various ensembles that participate in various performances both at school level and in various venues around the island throughout the year. Some of these include the cello, clarinet, flute, guitar, saxophone and violin ensembles, jazz combos, the wind band and various other groups that are set up through the hard work of the respective teachers. All music performance courses are combined with the harmonic and historical background gained during the music knowledge and understanding classes. Aural perception, harmony and counterpoint, musical history, orchestration, analysis, sight-singing and performance involve a wide range of activities and strategies for building up our students’ musical profile.

The Johann Strauss School of Music respects and values the worth of each student, offering individualised and differentiated programmes in the pursuit of knowledge and learning through experience. The open communication between students, staff and administration helps us to achieve a better understanding of the needs of our school as a community whose individual members are a source of creative energy in a diverse and ever-changing musical world. The academics at the School of Music are very proud of the students’ various accomplishments over the years and look forward to more years of creative output.